Pre 1900 Locomotive Gallery

This Page is a temporary measure, for the purpose of displaying submitted images of early Locomotives, pending the creation of their dedicated class pages.

ABOVE: 'New' R class, looking to be number 459, posing for the camera beside the Bendigo Locomotive depot.
The 25 locomotives of this class were built by 'Robison Brothers, Campbell & Sloss' in South Melbourne between 1889 & 1891. They were rebuilt with larger boilers between 1905 & 1910, so this photo predates that.
(Photograph from Thomas Watson collection, courtesy of Ross Goonan).

ABOVE: An unidentified U class, alongside the original Bendigo Locomotive shed.
During 1874, the Phoenix Foundry Company of Ballarat constructed nine 0-6-0 Locomotives for the Victorian Railways, numbered from 107 to 123, (odd numbers only). These were a modified version of the 2 Meikle designed engines, built by the VR the previous year at the Williamstown workshops and subsequently numbered 103 & 105. The Phoenix built locomotives were subsequently designated as U class, and were all scrapped by 1908. Their reputation for rough riding led to them being given the nickname "Buzzwinkers".
(Photograph from Thomas Watson collection, courtesy of Ross Goonan).

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