R class steam locomotives
wheel arrangement: 4-6-4
R 707 in "as preserved" condition in 1974
Designed as a passenger loco to replace 40 year old A2's that were the backbone of passenger haulage, they were only used in actual passenger service for a relatively short period . Dieselisation caused the R's to be relegated to less suitable duties than those for which they were designed. Apart from later day enthusiast train work, this class was in fact a very short lived class in the VR steam picture.
Only two R's, 719 748, were converted to oil burners.

R707 was fitted with pulverised brown coal equipment for a time.

Number in Class 70
Number group 700 - 769
Construction period 1951- 1952
In service 1951 -
Where built Glasgow
Tractive effort 32,080 lb
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ABOVE: R 703 is unloaded from "NORDIC" at Williamstown May 31 1951. (PROV photo)

ABOVE: R 701, not long after being placed in service. (PROV photo)

ABOVE: R 769 is unloaded from "Hector" Feb 1953 (PROV photo)

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