Sprinter railmotors
Sprinter 7015 at Flinders St. 2005
These railmotors were replacements for the DERM and DRC types They can be run in multiple and can be found on the shorter runs out of Melbourne although they have run Bendigo and Albury services.
Most of them are named after local sportspeople. 7019 had a sad, short history, it was scrapped after a driver locked himself out of his cab with the unit still powering at Spencer St in Nov 1996. The unit was barely a year old.
Number in Class 22
Number group 7001 - 7022
Construction period 1993 - 1995
In service 1993
Where built Gonninan N.S.W.

Sprinter 7005 at Spencer St. Dec. 21 2006

In 2008 the Sprinters replaced loco hauled services between Frankston and Stony Point. 7012 is seen in the yard at Frankston, Aug. 2008.

Starting September 2007 the sprinters were painted in this scheme
above photo courtesy Daniel McKee

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