V class steam locomotive 2-8-0

ABOVE: V 210, formerly V 519, after rebuilding (1912 - 13) and renumbering (1923)

There were 16 locos in the class, numbered 499 - 529 (odd numbers only). They were built 1899 - 1902 and were in service until 1930. In 1912 - 1913 they were rebuilt and renumbered 200 - 215.

For their time a huge loco by Victorian standards, much bigger than the then biggest goods engine the 0-6-0 X class. The first engine, 499, was imported from the Baldwin Locomotive works along with a set of duplicate parts and entered service in 1900. This loco then served as a "Pattern Engine" for 15 others cloned by the Phoenix Foundry of Ballarat. In spite of their weight, 48 tons, their light axle load enabled them to operate on all lines. Equipped with right hand drive, pull out regulator after re-boilering a standard tip up regulator was fitted) and Johnson bar reversing lever similar to the narrow gauge Na's. They were 4 cylinder compounds arranged on the Vauclain principle. They were rebuilt to 2 cylinder simple expansion engines and reboilered in 1912 - 1913 in the process reducing their tractive effort from 26, 430 lb's to 23,729 lb's. Due to them having a wooden headstock they were not permitted to double head. A common assignment was on the heavy coal trains from the Korumburra area. In spite of their excellent design they had relatively short lives, the first being withdrawn in 1921, the classleader being the last to go in 1930, sadly all were cut up.

ABOVE: Driver's side of one of the Phoenix clones in Candian red prior to rebuilding in 1912-13 BELOW: Firemans side of a unknown Phoenix built V. The V class were unsual in having the driver on the right hand side and yet when speed recorders were fitted it was mounted on the firemans side!


ABOVE: Looking spiffy in its green livery and brass dome prior to rebuilding.

ABOVE: A Phoenix built V after rebuilding which occured 1912-13. Madden collection SLV

ABOVE: V 513.

ABOVE: 10 years after rebuilding, the class was renumbered to the 200 - 215 series. Baldwin built Pattern Engine" V 200 was formerly V 499, photo circa 1923.

ABOVE: Rebuilt but not yet re-numbered, V 527 photographed on May 16 1913

ABOVE: Unknown V after rebuilding.