BW economy class, wooden body, corridor

ABOVE: BW 23 at Spencer St, 1978. 

Number in Class 67
Number group 1- 44, 60 - 82
Construction period 1911 - 1927
In service 1911 -
1979 recode
Where built Newport
More photos
Model info. SEM makes an excellent HO scale kit #R16
The "W" cars had three variants, (AW 1st class) (BW 2nd class later called economy class) and ABW which had both 1st and 2nd class compartments. The BW class went through a lot of recoding over the years. There were two main types 1 -35 had celestory roofs (shown above) 60 - 82 had curved roofs (shown below) They ran on all VR intrastate passenger trains. 1 - 44 compartments with 8 seats in each compartment.4 more seats were provided in the corridors outside the toilet doors.

ABOVE: BW 7 at Cobram, 1980

BELOW: BW 8 circa 1979, courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE: BW 24 circa 1934, built new Dec 1913, scrapped 1977. The person who removed the background also removed the handbrake!  photo courtesy PROV

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