MBS mini buffet/economy class sitting

MBS 1 at Albury, Sep 1981. Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

Number in Class 3
Number group 1 - 3
In service 1966 -
Where built Newport
Converted from BS/AS cars by removing some seats and installing a small area with counter where basic food and drink service was provided. Initially used on Mildura Sunlight train, later they were a common fixture on BG Albury trains.

MBS 1 ex BS 2 conv. 1966
MBS 2 ex BS 3 conv. 1966
MBS 3 ex AS 9 conv. 1968

BELOW: MBS 2 at Albury, Aug 1982. Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

MBS 1 at Spencer St. 1980. Note the two smaller windows at the left hand end indicating the buffet section. MBS 1 was converted back to a BS (13) in 1983 for reasons unknown

An official VR photo of freshly converted MBS1, photo date: April 18 1966.

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