ABOVE: Whilst the "break of gauge" problem between Melbourne and Sydney was solved in 1962 the ritual of swapping locos on through Melbourne to Sydney trains was not done away with until the mid 80's. Here we see N.S.W. 42216 coupling onto the Melbourne to Sydney "Intercapital Daylight" X 48 has just uncoupled, having brought the train from Melbourne and is returning to Wodonga to await its next trip to Melbourne. Jan. 1981 Mechanically these two Clyde products were identical but they had vastly different body designs.

ABOVE: X 51 detaches from the Melbourne to Sydney "Intercapital Daylight" at Albury N.S.W. where a NSWGR loco will be attached. February 1981

ABOVE: X 35 arrives Albury on a broad gauge pass. from Melbourne, Oct. 1983

BELOW: B 80 arriving Albury 1984


ABOVE: The up Sprit of Progress departs Albury. Albury South box is seen on the left.


ABOVE: S 301 departs Albury with the Melbourne bound Spirit of Progress in the early 1940s. (NLA collection)

ABOVE: S 314 leads the first up Souhern Aurora out of Albury, April 14 1962. For the first time, passengers did not have to change trains at Albury to continue their journey to Melbourne. Ironicaly, seven years later this train would run into S 314 and destroy it in the Southern Aurora crash. (NLA collection)

ABOVE: S314 and a T class depart Albury on a Melbourne bound goods. 3 1/2 years later S 314 was destroyed in the Southen Aurora head on crash. Sept. 18 1965. (photo by John Ward)

ABOVE: S 312 arrives Albury on the Sydney bound Intercapital Daylight, 1963.

ABOVE: GM 24 makes up its train at the Melbourne end of Albury yard, Oct 17 1984. (photo courtesy Noel Bamford)

ABOVE: S 315 crosses the Murray River bridge as it runs light engine from Albury to Wodonga, 1981.

ABOVE: S 308 waits to depart Albury on the up Sunday excursion train to Melbourne, Oct 1978.

ABOVE: The up Sunday excursion train awaits departure from Albury, 1979.