1919 Signal Diagram

1956 Box diagram

1928 Signal Diagram

ABOVE: This view, looking south towards Melbourne was taken pre 1920.

ABOVE: Looks like an inspection train at Barnawartha, circa 1925. The signal box on the platform was replaced by a frame in the main building in 1928. Madden collection SLV

ABOVE: 2 "teacup" B's (83 and 64) depart Barnawartha on the afternoon up Albury to Spencer St. pass. the fast approaching up "Intercapital Daylight" can be seen in the background. Jan. 12 1984

ABOVE: X 37 runs non stop through Barnawartha on the afternoon Albury to Melbourne broad gauge pass.
June 1986

ABOVE:X 47 on a Melbourne - Wodonga broad gauge goods at Barnawartha. This was the first time a V/Line painted loco ran north of Seymour. Sept. 14 1983

ABOVE: An up Albury BG pass. arrives Barnawartha Sep 14 1983.

ABOVE: up arrival home, post 11. the disc took you into the yard, the home took you up to the bracket signal in the photo below. Dec 1 1984.

ABOVE: Up home post 8 at Barnawartha, Dec 1 1984.