ABOVE: A down train pauses at Camberwell circa 1920. This view is looking east, towards Box Hill.

Keith Lambert has kindly added the following information:

This is an interesting one. I have not seen this view before, nor seen a picture of this Signal box. The regrading project (Hawthorn - Camberwell) ran from 1915 to 1919. This picture shows the regrading works have been completed. Power signalling was provided between Camberwell and Canterbury on 05/11/1922. Camberwell retained the mechanical signals until the brick signal box was provided at Camberwell on 22/06/1924 in conjunction with the installation of power signals at that location. There is no sign of power signals, or of overhead wire, so it fits into a window of about 3 years.

There are a number of signal posts in the picture, all are partly obscured. Looking just beyond the platform is post 50, Down Home signal (to post 54). Further out is post 54, the Down Starter. Also on this post was the East Camberwell Down Distant. The Junction to Ashburton was at East Camberwell from 1915 a/c the regrading project and did not return to Camberwell until the commissioning of power signalling in 1922. Post 50B is seen just outside the Signal box (Disc, No. 2 to Down line). The track layout to the yard and back platform etc. seen in the picture matches with diagram 10/19.

The WN is a bit light on for information of the changes that occurred at Camberwell in conjunction with the lowering of the tracks. From the
Interlocking Register and litho's I have concluded the following:

(1) The Down line was lowered first, not sure when, maybe April 1918 or earlier.
(2) The Up line and a single platform face (today platform 2) in service 28-04-1918.
(3) A new Signal box (the one pictured) and signalling arrangements for three platform operation in service 16/01/1919.

The line was electrified late 1922. Therefore the picture was taken after 16/01/1919, and sometime before overhead structures began to appear which is likely to have been late 1921 or early 1922.

The comparative photo below was taken Sept. 2007.

ABOVE: A pair of E's headed by classleader 1102 on a down goods at Camberwell. The flyover to the Alamein line was yet to be constructed. Photo circa 1950

ABOVE: For most of its life the Camberwell to Alamein branch line has been served by a shuttle service
during off peak times,passengers connect at Camberwell with Ringwood line trains. Here we see a stabled shuttle, Tait (M) Motor and (D) Driving trailer whilst the shuttle is seen at the platform, 1978.
Photo courtesy Tim Martin

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