QN ballast wagons

ABOVE: QN 34 at Nth Geelong yard. Oct 21 1978 Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 121
Number group 1 - 121
Construction period 1909 - 1926
In service 1921 - end
1979 recode
Where built Newport workshops
Diagram General Arrangement
Modeling: Veteran Models makes an O scale kit.
QN's were for ballasting work. The ballast dropped out of the wagon by means of a door in the centre of the floor or for shoulder ballasting the side doors were opened and the ballast was manually shovelled out as shown in the photo at the bottom of the page.The wheels on the side of the wagon opened and closed the bottom doors.
# group built
001 - 091 1909 - 1913
092 - 121 1925 - 1926

ABOVE: QN 49 at Woodend. 1978.

ABOVE: QN 100 at Flinders Street 1976
photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

ABOVE: QN 101 at Fyansford 1979, courtesy Rob O'Regan

ABOVE: QN 110 at Williamstown. Aug 6 1978 Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

ABOVE: QN 1 as built, photo 1909
Official VR photo

ABOVE: QN 15 stencilled "Clifton Hill Regrading Works" 

ABOVE: QN 22 at Bruth en during line construction circa 1915

ABOVE: QN 59, circa 1920's

ABOVE: QN 59 being loaded, probably during construction of the Bairnsdale - Orbost line, circa 1915

ABOVE: QN 36 photographed sometime between 1911 and 1931
photo courtesy State Library Victoria

ABOVE & BELOW: Specially equipped QNs were extensively used to pour the foundations for overhead stauntions during electrification projects. QNs 28 and 49 with concrete pouring equipment circa 1920. 

ABOVE: A concrete train in action, it appears that the cement was manually wheel-barrowed up to the mixer.

On a few occasions QN's were fitted up for cement production associated with overhead construction.

ABOVE: QNs under construction at Newport workshops. Official VR photo

The article below is from the Dec. 1956 VR newsletter

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