VR Mechnical Signal School

All photos by Keith Lambert

For many years the VR maintained a mechanical signal school at Newport, it was located near to what was the old goods yard. Mechanical signal fitters were instructed in the operation of all types of mechanical signal appliances.

Keith Lambert has been kind enough to provide photos and a description of it.

The building was formerly the Moorabbin signal box which was closed in
1958 in conjunction with works to lower the tracks under Nepean Highway
& South Road. It was used to train Interlocking Fitters & Signal
Adjusters. There were two frames (one Rocker & the other Tappet).
Outside there are two sets of gates (one McKenzie's gear & the other
Cottew's gear). McKenzie's gear was below ground, Cottew's above ground.
There were two types of Wicket gate (Normally open & Slamming type).
There were also point detectors and other mechanical equipment. I first
learnt of it when it featured in the magazine 'Australasian Post' in the
late 60's. I went and had a look at it from outside the fence. It was
still there when I was working at Newport in the 1980's. The building
was different from others in that it had windows all way around except
for the chimney area. The building in the background is the Newport Fire

The article below is from the Feb. 1965 VR Newsletter