VR Working Time-Tables

Working Time - Tables, (WTT) were produced for the guidance of employees, Drivers, Guards, Signalmen, Train Controllers etc. They not only contained the actual timetables for all services on the line but where crosses were schedule. They described the safe working system in use on every section of track. They also contained vital information about how much tonnage a given loco could haul over different sections of track, the time allowed between station with various trains and the allowable speeds over each section of track. The Addenda gave very specific information about the various rolling stock, their carrying capacity, max speeds etc.  

1879 (November) Service timetable (courtesy David Langley)

1879 (December) Service timetable (courtesy David Langley)

1883 Service timetable

1886 WTT (courtesy David Langley)

1907 Maryborough - Deep Leads Mines service 

1910 Powlett Coal Field Railway timetable (courtesy David Langley)

1912 WTT Northern and Midland (courtesy David Langley)

1913  WTT Eastern & South - Eastern

1915 WTT Eastern & South - Eastern 

1918 WTT Nth Eastern district

1918 WTT Eastern & South - Eastern 

1924 WTT Western & South-Western (courtesy Geoff Winkler)

1930 WTT Melb - Upper Ferntree Gully - Gembrook line (courtesy David Langley)

1930 WTT Sandringham - Broadmeadows and Kew lines (courtesy David Langley)

1932 WTT Northern & Midland (courtesy David Langley)

1940 Country Train Services (courtesy Jack Mclean archive) 

1948 WTT  Western & South Western (courtesy Norman Houghton) ***NEW***

1952 "Altered and Accelerated Passenger Train Services" Melbourne - Bendigo and branch lines. Melbourne - Lancefield. Melbourne - Geelong - Warrnambool - Port Fairy (courtesy Geoff Lambert)

1953 Inauguration of Disel - Electric operation of Melbourne - Mildura

1958 Western & South - Western (courtesy Mick Bennie and Peter Rhodan)

1965 (July) Melbourne - Albury - Sydney, Standard Gauge (courtesy David Langley)

1965 (October) Melbourne - Albury - Sydney, Standard Gauge (courtesy David Langley)

1967 (December) Melbourne - Albury - Sydney, Standard Gauge (courtesy David Langley)

1969 WTT Eastern & South - Eastern  

1969 WTT North Eastern (courtesy David Langley)

1970 WTT Eastern & South - Eastern 

1971 WTT Western & South - Western (courtesy David Langley)

1973 WTT Eastern & South - Eastern  

1974 WTT Western & South - Western (courtesy John McPhee)

1974 WTT Metropolitan (Mondays - Fridays) (courtesy John McPhee  )

1974 WTT Metropolitan (Saturdays and Sundays) (courtesy John McPhee  )

1975 WTT Eastern

1978 WTT Eastern

1980 WTT Eastern 

1981 WTT Eastern 

1982 WTT Eastern (courtesy Stewart Dix)

1982 WTT Northern and Midland (courtesy Stewart Dix)

1983 WTT Addenda (courtesy Stewart Dix)

1984 WTT Eastern