FCW flat/container wagons

FCW 13 at the Contans siding near Nth Melbourne station, 1978. FCW's were run in blocks on Sydney and Adelaide express goods and their main point of loading/unloading and transhipment was at the Contrans siding. Note the dual brakepipes on the end of the wagon, this was due to their extreme length.

Number in Class 25
Number group 1 - 25
Construction period 1973 - 1975
In service 1977 - early 80's
1979 recode VQDW
Where built NP
Built as FCF class they were recoded to FCW in 1977. The last letter "W" in the class code signified special low level "aligned" bogies, they were able to be bogie exchanged but only with other "W" vehicles. The class was split between broad and standard gauge, about half on each. Their main use was in TNT container service between Melbourne and Adelaide/Sydney where they ran in blocks. Although they were equipped to be loaded with 4 x 20 foot containers I only ever saw them loaded with 2 x 40 foot containers as seen in the photo below.

FCW 23 at Nth Melbourne. April 25 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

FCW 11 at the TNT siding near Nth Melb workshops, 1978.

FCW 19 at Newport, March 1978.

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