GJX bulk grain wagons

GJX 3 photo late 1970's courtesy Geoff Winkler
(It appears that GJX 3 has had its grade control equipment removed but it still carries its X classification)

Number in Class 20 (1970's era)
Number group 1 - 20 (1970's era)
Construction period 1966
In service 1966
1979 recode VHGX
Where built Tulloch
Modeling Aucision makes a HO model
200 GJX's (1 - 100 were all aluminum and built by Tulloch NSW, 101 - 200 were steel construction and built by Steelweld) were built but by the late 70's only 20 remained with the rest being recoded to GJF. The 20 that were left were of the all aluminium design.

It appears that in the late 70's some GJX's got a new horizontal stiffener added to the ends as shown on the above photo of GJX 3 and GJX 15 shown below.

GJX 15 at Woodend, 1978.

GJX 37 circa 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

The article below is from the March 1966 VR Newsletter