K flat wagons

This was the 3rd "K 34" this one was converted from IA 7472 in 1953 at Ballarat. The bottom of the door supports can be clearly seen. For HO modelers SEM's "Tommy Bent" I would be an easy project.

Photo at Williamstown June 1978, it was scrapped at Simsmetal August 1978

Number in Class 70
Number group 1 - 70
Construction period
In service 1953 -
Where built 01 - 35 BA

36 - 70 BO

Modeling SEM I underframes.
VR used the letter K to designate 2 axle flat wagons from 1885. The K's that were around in the late 70's were converted from I/IA's. In the late 70's some older K's were scrapped and replaced with cut down, outside sill RY's

K 1 is an example of outside sill RY's being cut down into K/KQ's This K 1, (the fourth) was converted from KQ 7 in Aug. 1978. (photo late 1978)

K 58 ex T/U underframe, it is seen here stencilled for "engine transport" traffic in departmental service, several K's were in this service moving diesel loco engines from Newport (where the engines were overhauled) to Sth Dynon. (photo 1978)

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