KAB bulkhead flat wagons

Number in Class 21
Number group 1 - 21
Construction period 1969 - 1974
In service 1969 - late 70's?
Where built Newport & Bendigo
Modeling S.E.M T or U underframe with scratchbuilt bulkheads.
These wagons had a fixed bulkhead at the non handbrake end and an adjustable bulkhead at the handbrake end, very similar to the bogie SBX class. The wagon was loaded and the bulkhead was then moved up against the load and secured. Traffic was for pineboard from the Eastern district to Melbourne.

This class was converted from long T and U van underframes. I believe all KAB's had wheel handbrakes.

KAB 3 at Melbourne yard. May 2 1978.
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

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