KT timber wagon

KT 327 at Dandenong March 1978

Number in Class 45
Number group 320 - 364
Construction period 1956
In service 1956 - early 80's
Where built Ballarat W.S.
The KT's were built (ex IY underframes) to carry short logs, (pulpwood) for this purpose they had 2 dividers inside providing 3 compartments for the logs. After this traffic finished the dividers were removed and they saw out their careers in the same service as IT's, carrying sawn or "scantling" timber from the Orbost line to Melbourne

KT 324 was of a slightly different design to the rest of the class
above, in service 1978, below, "condemned" in 1979 at Nth Melb workshops

KT 326 at Dandenong. April 23 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

KT 332 at Dandenong. Feb. 1978

KT 333 at Dandenong. Feb. 1978

KT 345 at Graham. April 1978

KT 352 at Dandenong. May 6 1978

KT 360 at Newport workshops. Feb 1978.

KT 364 at Westall. May 20 1978

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