MB bull/cattle wagons

MB 2 at Ararat. March 16 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 2
Number group 1 - 2
Construction period
In service 1969 - late 70's
Where built
Modeling Simple kitbash of a SEM M wagon
These two wagons were converted from regular M cattle wagons for the transport of bulls. A plank was removed and replaced by a lashing rail to which the bulls were tied up to. By the late 70's they seemed to be in regular cattle transport, the one time I saw one loaded it was loaded just like a regular M.
No. Ex Converted @ Date
MB 1 M 416 North Melb. WS Sept. 1969
MB 2 M 391 North Melb. WS Sept. 1969

Handbrake end view of MB 2

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