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A Contract was let for the construction of a passenger station at Elphinstone on September 23, 1862. 4 weeks later, on October 21, the line through to Castlemaine was opened.
On March 24, 1863 another contract was let for the construction of a passenger station and 'other works'.
On March 1, 1889, a contract was let for the construction of the goods shed.
By 1899, Elphinstone was provided with non-interlocked Up and Down Distant, Home and Starting signals.
On August 22, 1913, the Station was interlocked with a 20 lever frame provided in a signalbay on the Up platform.
On February 13, 1924, a new siding was provided on the Up side at the Up end for the 'Elphinstone Redgum Sawmilling Company'. This siding was short lived, with it being abolished on August 20, 1928.
The station was closed to passenger traffic on October 5, 1982.
On February 9, 1988, the station was permanently closed as Block Post. All points and signals were removed and the interlocking frame was abolished.
(Information gleaned from Andrew Waugh's 'Victorian Station Histories')

ABOVE:  Looking south-east at the main station buildings on the down platform, c1952. (Photo courtesy of PROV). 

ABOVE: A 1904 VR plan.

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