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A Contract was let for the construction of a passenger station at Chewton on September 23, 1862. 4 weeks later, on October 21, the line through to Castlemaine was opened.
Early in its existence, on a date currently unknown, the station was closed, due to difficulty in the braking of trains on the Down journey.
On October 1, 1878, it was re-opened for passengers only. By early 1887 it was re-opened for light goods traffic and by the middle of the year, a two ton crane had been installed.
By 1899, Chewton was provided with non-interlocked Up and Down Distant, Home and Starting signals.
On January 29, 1902, a contract was let for the erection of 30 foot Goods Shed.
On November 2, 1967, the station was closed to all goods traffic and on January 30 the following year all signals, bar one Up and one Down Home were removed.
The station was closed to all traffic on June 16, 1975, and the remaining 2 signals were removed by early October.
(Information gleaned from Andrew Waugh's 'Victorian Station Histories')

ABOVE:  Looking north-west toward Castlemaine and the up platform.. (Photo source unknown). 

ABOVE: A 1904 VR plan.

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