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Macedon, originally known as 'Middle Gully', was opened around 1862. It was a block post, (using the telegraph instrument), by 1879, but only for the Up line. The Down line was worked under block conditions by 1888 and Winter's instruments had been provided by 1890. A six lever frame was provided in 1913, but, like the other stations between Diggers Rest and Woodend, the frame only worked the signals. Macedon was closed as a block post in 1994 but the frame was relocated to Woodend to replace the signalbox there.
(Text from Andrew Waugh's 'Victorian Station Histories')

No date is currently available for the name change to Macedon, but it is believed to have occured by 1870. No passenger facilites were provided when the line was opened in 1861. Separate contracts were let for the provision of timber platforms in December 1862, (possibly for in the goods sidings), and then in December 1863, (likely for the main line). 
All signals were removed when the station was downgraded in 1994.


ABOVE: Looking towards Melbourne with the original up side building. With double-headed rail still in use on the main line, it seems that this may be the earliest image of the Macedon station that has currently been located [ca. 1909]. (Photograph courtesy of SLV)

ABOVE: Looking north with Mt. Macedon in the distance. Also quite an early photo, but flat-bottom rails have been substituted.  (photograph courtesy of PROV)   


ABOVE: Another early postcard view, looking north at the up side station building. hard to date this photo but it can't be any later than 1913 (1905-11), as that was when Macedon got its new station buildings. (Photograph courtesy of SLV).

ABOVE: Looking south toward Melbourne, probably taken not long after the new station buildings were built in 1913. (Rose Series photograph courtesy of SLV)


ABOVE: The station and goods yard viewed from Victoria Street. This was taken after 1913, but seemingly before electric lighting had been installed on the station, (the date of which is still to be identified). (Photograph courtesy of PROV). 

    Looking north toward Woodend , ABOVE in the 1930's, and BELOW, a little later, after electric lighting had been installed. (Both photographs courtesy of PROV).


ABOVE: Also post electric lighting, but looking south toward Melbourne.
(Photograph courtesy of PROV).

ABOVE: Macedon, a down train next to the water crane. circa 1920

ABOVE: X 40 on an up bulk wheat train at Macedon. The photo caption says that it is the "first bulk wheat train, 830 tons". Dec 7 1939.

ABOVE and BELOW: Two views of Macedon looking towards Melbourne in 1964

(Both photos courtesy Stuart Lodington)


ABOVE: A down Kyneton service pauses at Macedon, Dec 18 1980. (photo courtesy Noel Bamford)

Two views of Macedon in January 1986. ABOVE: looking North, towards Bendigo, and
BELOW: Looking towards Melbourne.


ABOVE: R 707 is in the capable hands of Lyn Helsby and Ross Gorman as they power upgrade through Macedon on a charter train for the Rolls Royce club in May 1988. It was the first time an R had been authorised to travel at 115 km/h since the days of regular service. In May 1994 Macedon was disestablished as a block post and all signals were removed.

ABOVE: T 391 and P 12 pass Macedon's up distant signal on a down pass, most likely a Kyneton service. Jan 5 1986.

ABOVE: 1903 VR map.

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