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ABOVE: Y 121 swings off the Daylesford branch on an up goods as the fireman hands the staff to the signalman, Feb. 2 1978. 5 months later, on July 3 1978 the line closed.
(Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler).

Carlsruhe was opened around 1862 and became a junction in 1880, when the first section of the line to Daylesford was opened. Carlsruhe was interlocked in 1884 and block working was introduced by 1892. The Daylesford line was closed in 1978 and, as revenue traffic was almost non-existant at the station, the staff were withdrawn. The signalbox was abolished in 1980 and the station closed in 1982.
(Text from Andrew Waugh's 'Victorian Station Histories')

The contract for the stations construction was let on April 17, 1862. This was only 1 week before the line through to Kyneton was officially opened.
Initially, the location was named 'Tylden & Carlsruhe', which was still being referenced in the 1865 Working Time Table.

ABOVE: K 172 draws into the down platform with a Daylesford bound goods. Some shunting in the sidings at the down end will be undertaken, before the train is set back and switched across onto the branch. March 17, 1965. (Photo courtesy Weston Langford).  

ABOVE: After returning from Daylesford, K 172 attends once again to some shunting duties at Carsruhe, before continuing through to Woodend. March 17, 1964. (Photo courtesy of Weston Langford)

ABOVE: Y 121 after returning from Daylesford,  clatters across to the up line and heads back to Woodend. July 3, 1978. (Photo courtesy of Geoff Winkler). 

ABOVE: S 309 crosses the junction, (the first facing points on the mainline since Sydenham), with a Bendigo bound goods. July 3, 1978. (Photo courtesy of Geoff Winkler).

ABOVE: For the benefit of the onboard photographers, K 153 shrouds Carlsruhe in a haze as it swings away onto the branch. Once the spectacle was over, the train returned to the platform where it was reboarded, before heading off to Daylesford for the very last time. June 24, 1978. (Photo courtesy of Geoff Winkler).

ABOVE: Looking north just after closure, 1978, and BELOW: The up platform buildings showing the signal bay add on. (Both photos courtesy Frank Kelly)


ABOVE and BELOW: Two views of Carlsruhe, taken in 1984. (Photographer John T Collins, courtesy of SLV).  


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