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ABOVE: An up Bendigo to Melbourne passenger train at Kyneton, headed by a 2-4-0 outside framed tender loco, later known as B class. circa 1870. Photographed by A. Morris & Co. (courtesy State Library Victoria)

Kyneton was the terminus of the third section; the line was opened to Kyneton in April 1862 and extended to Castlemaine in October 1862. Kyneton had a small goods yard to serve the township and the refreshment rooms as most trains stopped for water. From 1891 to 1953 the Redesdale line trains originated and terminated at Kyneton (the actual junction was at Redesdale Junction, the next station north). Block working (using Winter's instruments) had been introduced by 1890 and the station was interlocked in 1891; the frame and signalbox remained in use until 2005. An Auxiliary Frame was provided to work the connections at the Down end of the yard (which are difficult to see from the box due to the curvature of the yard) in 1913; this was removed in 1992. Kyneton is currently the terminus of the interurban service from Melbourne and consequently remains a busy and important location.
(Text adapted Andrew Waugh's 'Victorian Station Histories')

The contract for the stations construction was let on April 4, 1862. This was only 3 weeks before the line through to here was officially opened. Three months later, contracts were let for the construction of a Tank house and an Engine house.
On February 3, 1863, a contract was let for the construction of a Goods shed, Platform, Refreshment room & 'other works'.
1890 saw the provision of a Turntable and the Signal box, with the Level crossing gates becoming interlocked in 1891.

ABOVE: An up passenger train circa 1905. BELOW: The same view June 4 1983, note the hand gate over the siding track next to the interlocked gates,  (photo courtesy Chris Wurr) 

BELOW: The same view in 2004, the track to the goods shed and hand gate were abolished in Aug 1990.


ABOVE: A splendid view of Kyneton station looking towards Melbourne. Some things to notice are, the double headed rail, circular point rodding and the "loco depot" (To be quite honest the coal stage looks like it would be more at home on a narrow gauge line) What looks like ground discs are in fact "discs attached to points". The buildings on the near end of both platforms are almosr certainly the refreshment rooms that were removed in the mid 1930's. The date shown on the border of the photo says May 16 1897. Photo courtesy DOUGLAS STEWART FINE BOOKS.

BELOW: The same view in 2010 

ABOVE: Looking towards Melbourne, late 1970s The auxiliary frame cabin can be seen just to the right of the T class. (photo courtesy Peter J Vincent)

BELOW: The auxiliary frame was installed Nov 1913, photo date, June 4 1983. (photo courtesy Chris Wurr) 


ABOVE: T 413 is stabled in the stockyards platform, Aug 27 1978. (photo courtesy Geoff Winkler)

ABOVE: RM 85 is stabled in siding "B" over the Easter break, April 13 1979. (photo courtesy Geoff Winkler)

ABOVE: A down Bendigo pass passes the co-acting up distant signal as it departs Kyneton, Aug 1 1981. Of interest is the wheat growing along the up line, this occurred due to wheat leaking out of Melbourne bound wheat trains.  (photo courtesy Warren Banfield)

ABOVE: The imposing signalbox at Kyneton dates from circa 1892, it is still standing today. In mechanical signalling days the signalman had to be able to visually see all of the signals controlled by the signalbox to ensure that they had obeyed the signal lever, which is why some boxes were very tall.  June 4 1983. (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)

ABOVE:Right hand end of the frame in the main signalbox with the Winters block instruments, Aug 2 1979. (photo courtesy Chris Wurr)

BELOW: The Winter's block instrument. The indicator on top of the instrument was provided on instruments that could work with two block posts (depending if the next block post was "switched in" or not. Although Redesdale Junction was dis-established as a block station in 1954 the indicator remained. In fact by this time Kyneton could work with Malmsbury or Elphinstone.

ABOVE: Kyneton station looking towards Melbourne, 2004

ABOVE: K 190 on an up enthusiast special pauses at Kyneton, June 13 2011. (note, this photo has been digitally altered)

ABOVE: A Bendigo to Melbourne V/Locity railcar pauses at Kyneton, April 20 2011.  

ABOVE: A down Bendigo service departs Kyneton, Feb 20 2016. For over 100 years the Melbourne to Bendigo line was double track but in the early 2000s that changed when it was single tracked north of Kyneton, the buffer shows the end of what was the old down line. (photo courtesy Kris Govett)

ABOVE: A selection of tickets issued from Kyneton.  (Courtesy Geoff Winkler).


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