ELX open wagon

ELX 133: built new March 1968

Number in Class 558
Number group 1 - 454, 1001 - 1104
Construction period 1961 - 1978
In service 1964 - end
1979 recode VOCX/VOBX
Where built Various
Modeling Aust-N-Rail make a supurb N scale model
A modern version of the E open wagon, ELX's saw service all over the state in many different types of service.Early ELX's had plain sides but most were converted to corrugated sides in later years. The large number gap was because the S.A.R. built ELX's too whose numbers slotted in between the VR ELX's. More of these wagons were built but they went into service as VOCX's

ELX 1 - 92 were built as "ELF" and coded to ELX 1964 - 1965

ELX 22 built as ELF 22: June 1962. Coded to ELX July 1965. April 1980 it was coded to VOBX 22

ELX 44 at Port Melbourne, 1979.

ABOVE: ELF 7 and BELOW ELF 43 at Nth Dynon, Nov. 1962.
Note the different styles of VR logos and absence of handbrake patch on ELF 7.
Official VR photos

ELX 66 had heavy duty sides and is seen here loaded with briquettes circa 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J Vincent

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