JDF hopper/dolomite wagons

JDF 204 at Dandenong, July 1 1978.

Number in Class 10
Number group 201 - 210
Construction period 1974
In service 1977 - 1979
1979 recode VHDY
Where built Newport
Built as JDX they were recoded to JDF in 1977 as their traffic did not require being bogie exchanged.

Dolomite is used in glass making and the traffic was from South Australia (Tantanoola) to Dandenong.

The JDF/X and JSF/X classes were structually identical.
When Dolomite traffic ended the class found their way into quarry products service after having their roof removed.

JDF 207 at Dandenong Sept. 16 1978

JDF 205 at Dandenong. June 10 1978

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