KL container loading

Number in Class 20
Number group 1 - 20
Construction period 1969
In service 1969 - late 70's
Where built Bendigo W.S.
Modeling Simple conversion of a SEM I/IA kit.
Most container use involves unloading the container from the wagon before unloading the contents of the container. In the early days of container use on the VR most locations were not equipped to physically take the container off the wagon so the container had to be unloaded as it sat on the wagon. With the introduction of KQ's it was impossible to load/unload the container as it sat on the KQ so the KL's were designed to be coupled to a KQ destined for a loaction without unloading facilities. Exactly how the KL assisted in unloading is unknown. A forklift could be used but that would require some sort of plate/ramp to bridge the gap between the KL and KQ and no evidence exists of such a ramp. Maybe the container was hand unloaded, perhaps with a road truck backed onto the KL.The only KL's I saw from 1977 on were in storage so I presume revenue use ceased before 1977.

KL 10 at Dynon. Feb. 9 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

What appears to be a KL in use at SPC siding at Shepparton, Nov 7 1966
Official VR photo PR637

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