KMQ flat/container wagons

KMQ 149 ( ex T 268) at Benalla Feb 21 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 315?
Number group 1 - 315
Construction period 1974 - 1984
In service 1974 - end
Where built
Diagram 01, 02
Modeling Model Etch makes a HO model.
All KMQ's were converted from U, T and KAB wagons by simply removing the body from the underframe and installing a chequerplate floor with container lugs. In the late 70's - early 80's export rice traffic from Denilliquin and export canned fruit traffic from Shepparton increased dramatically and VR found itself seriously short of container wagons and the money to build new ones. The KMQ was a cheap solution as it was at this time that massive scrappings of 4 wheel vans was commencing.

The number boards shown in the above photo were prone to being crushed during container loading and unloading, around 1978 they were relocated to the side sill. See more photos.

Almost all KMQ's had wheel handbrakes but a few had lever handbrakes.

Number group Year built
1 - 30 1974
31 - 80 1975
81 - 133 1976
134 - 180 1977
181 - 182 1980
183 - 280 1981
281 - 314 1981
315? 1984?

KMQ 7 ex U 819 at Dandenong, 1978

KMQ 20, ex U 802, (with its re-positioned number board) at Melbourne yard, Dec. 8 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

KMQ 51 (loaded with flour conatainer PF 2) at Melbourne yard. Aug 1984
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

At least two KMQ's were stencilled for explosive traffic and KMQ 67 even got a unique paint job for this traffic.
The transport of explosives by container rather than by P vans came right at the end of this traffic.
KMQ 67 (below) at Albury June 1980
KMQ 86 (above) at Tottenham, Dec. 1981
Both photos courtesy Rob O'Regan

KMQ 73 at Dynon, Jan. 1982
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

KMQ 79 at Albury, Oct. 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

KMQ 80 (ex U 834) showing the original location for the class/number board which was prone to being
crushed when being loaded or unloaded.

KMQ 118 at Port Melbourne. April 1 1978, showing the damage that the number board incurred during conatainer loading.

KMQ 133 and 134 had different container lugs for the Dyers containers seen here. It also shows the "crushproof"
number boards that were applied from about 1978 onwards.

KMQ 134 loaded with Dyers containers at Dandenong. April 23 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler


KMQ 180 at Nth Melbourne workshops, 1978.

KMQ 166 showing the damage that conatiner loading could inflict on the numberboard
which led to the redesigned numberboards that were centrally located
Photo 1979 courtesy Peter J. Vincent

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