QCX l.c.l. container wagons

QCX 8 at Nth Geelong yard. Feb. 8 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

Number in Class 10
1976 total 75
Number group 1 - 10
Construction period 1959
In service 1959 - 1978
1979 recode None
Where built
Built as the QC class in 1959 from E wagon underframes, in 1961 they were classed as QCF after being fitted with roller bearings. In 1965 they were again re-classed as QCX to enable them to enter bogie exchange traffic. When their LCL (Less than Car Load) traffic finished in 1978 they were converted to departmental use and classed HR

ABOVE and BELOW, circa 1962
Official VR photo

QCX 2 at Dynon, June 12 1968
Official VR photo

QCX 6 at Dynon, June 12 1968
Official VR photo

QCX 1 at Melb. yard 1978.

QCX 3 at Melb. yard 1978.

QCX's 4 and 5 showing the tallow containers that were their exclusive traffic in later years.

The article below is from the June 1959 VR Newsletter

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