CE passenger trains brakevans

CE 5 at Spencer St, 1978. (CE 5 is now preserved at Bright)

These guards vans were introduced at the same time as the AE and BE passenger cars and were a mainstay on VR passenger trains for the whole of their long lives. In later years most had sheetmetal covering the wooden sides below the bottom yellow band to prevent damage from parcels/luggage trolleys. They started being painted blue in 1954 for the Royal visit, all were done by the early to mid 1960's.

1 - 16 were built as DVE class and recoded to CE in 1910

CE's 33 - 37 were built to a newer design with plain arched roofs and 2 axle bogies in 1924. In a 1930 a replacement was built for CE 15 (destroyed in a collision at Seymour) which followed the construction style of CE's 33 - 37.
At least one CE, 33, was painted in the short lived orange/silver paint scheme, it was painted in this scheme in Aug. 1982

Number in Class 37
Number group 1 - 37
Construction period 1906 - 1924
In service 1910 - mid 80's

DVE 1 as built in 1906
Photo courtesy Phillip Dunn collection

CE 6. photographed July 1979
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 6 at Spencer St
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

CE 14 at
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

A badly damaged CE 14 about to meet the scrappers torch, Newport mid 1980's

ABOVE & BELOW: The 2nd CE 15 at Traralgon, Oct 1976 (ABOVE) and (BELOW) at Spencer St Jan. 1983, shows the plain roof and 2 axle bogies
Both photos courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 18, photo date: Oct 1985
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 19, photo date Aug. 1982
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 24 at Spencer Street 1978.

CE 29, photo date: Jan. 1983. Note the aligned bogies, as far as I know the only CE thus fitted
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 30 at Spencer Street, 1979

CE 31 photographed 1978.

CE 33, photo date: Jan. 1983 It is doubtful that any piece of rollingstock ever looked worse in the VicRail tangerine scheme than this!
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 36, photo date: Dec. 1981, note the "Vinelander" stencil on the sill.
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CE 37, photo date: August 1984
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

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