CP guards vans

Number in Class 40
Number group 1 - 40
Construction period 1956 - 1958
In service 1956 - end
1979 recode VVCP
Where built A.E. Goodwin N.S.W.
CP's were a common sight all over the state on high speed goods trains, they also were seen on interstate goods (they never ran on the standard gauge) they were also occasionally pressed into passenger service as they could travel at passenger train speeds. Nine CP's were recoded to JCP for dedicated use on Melbourne - Adelaide interstate goods trains between 1965 and 1985.
In 1987 4 CP's (by then recoded to VVCP) were recoded back to CP and renumbered 291 - 294 and painted in V/Line orange for passenger work.
For most of their lives they were painted in passenger red, but towards the end of their lives some were painted in freight red/brown.

CP 3 at Arden Street, 1978

CP 9
photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

CP 11, photo date: April 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CP 15
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

CP 21, photo date: Oct.1983
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CP 23
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

CP24 at Port Melbourne 1978

CP 11, photo date: 1978

CP 35, photo date: Sept. 1983
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

CP 291 (ex VVCP 34) at Spencer St August 1987

Photo Courtesy Rob O'Regan

The article below is from the June 1957 VR Newsletter

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