ZLP guards vans

Number in Class 80
Number group 1 - 80
Construction period 1961 - 1968
In service 1961 - end
1979 recode VVBP
Where built Ballarat and Newport W.S.
Modeling TrainOrama HO model
Built as ZF class (a code that would be re-used years later) the ZLP's were a very common sight all over the system. A very versatile van because they could run on passenger trains as well as goods, but in reality they were rarely used in passenger service. As built, the sliding doors featured double windows but in later years replacement doors only had one window. It appears that 1 - 10 had a large toilet window, 11 onwards had a small toilet window. ZLP's were painted pass car red until 1967 at which time the CME decreed that they be painted wagon red, they were painted standard wagon as they cycled through the workshops. They never ran on the S.G.

(Above) ZLP 1 at Williamstown pier, circa 1980
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent.

(Below) ZLP 1 at Melbourne Yard arrivals, 1979

This photo turned up recently, it shows #32 still coded as ZF and painted in a special paint scheme for a "Fashion Express" train that presumably toured the system sometime in the mid to late 1960's. (The loco attached is a fairly new T 396 which was delivered in Dec 1965.)

ZLP 43 at Tottenham, Dec. 1981
Photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

ZLP28 at Nth Melbourne workshops, 1978

ZLP 30 at Sunshine, Dec. 1978
Photo courtesy Peter J. Vincent

ZLP 9 at Nth Melbourne workshops, 1978

ZLP 42 at Nth Melbourne workshops, 1978

ZLP 68 as preserved at Healsville, Oct 2009.

End view of ZLP 63

A ZLP on the end of an empty stock train at Brooklyn, 1978.

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