A class diesel electric locomotives
Model: AAT22C-2R
The A class were the result of an extensive rebuild of 11 B class. Major features of the rebuild included a turbocharged 12 cylinder 645 engine and "dash 2" electricals. The rebuild saw their horsepower increase from 1500h.p. to 2250h.p. The plan was to convert all 26 B class but the program was stopped after 11, instead the N class order was extended. A 85 was modified and involved in high speed tests which saw a top speed of 167 KPH attained. When V/Line was split into Freight Victoria and V/Line pass. the A class was split up as detailed below. The A's have performed sterling service over the years in both passenger and freight service.

The A class were all delivered in the V/Line orange/grey scheme

All of the A's were rebuilt at Clyde's Rosewater S.A. plant

A class diagram
Road # Serial #
In service
Color schemes Disposition
A 60 84-1184
vlo - vlc to V/Line pass
A 62 84-1183
vlo - vlc to V/Line pass
A 66 84-1186
vlo - bicentenary - olympics - vlc to V/Line pass
A 70 84-1187
vlo - vlc to V/Line pass
A 71 84-1180
vlo - fag to Freight Australia
A 73 84-1179
vlo - fag to Freight Australia
A 77 84-1181
vlo - fag to Freight Australia
A 78 84-1185
vlo - fag to Freight Australia
A 79 84-1188
vlo - fag to Freight Australia
A 81 85-1189
vrb - fag to Freight Australia
A 85 84-1182
vrb - fag to Freight Australia

A 77 at Albury, 1985

Early in its life A 66 wore two special paint schemes, the photos above shows it in its "bicentenial scheme" to celebrate Australia's 200th anniversary in 1988. The photo below, taken in 1990, shows it in a scheme used to promote Melbourne's unsuccesful bid for the 1996 Olympic games.

Photo below courtesy Ian Woollett

Privatisation saw the A class split up with the last seven (71 to 85) going to Freight Victoria, photo at Sth Dynon loco 2004.

A 's 60, 62, 66 and 70 went to V/Line pass, this photo shows the V/Line pass maroon paint scheme. Photo at Spencer St Oct. 2005

Photo below showing different style V/Line logo
Photo below courtesy Les Bailey


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