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April 24 2018
New photos added to the WS workmens shower car, W workmens sleeper, HD and J wagon pages. A pdf of stencils for 7" wagon lettering.on the freight home page. Plan of the water tank at Sunbury.

April 7 2018
I've finally tracked down the last few tank wagons to complete that section. There is now a photo to go with every bogie tank wagon drawing that VR issued.

March 25 2018
The GY pages have been consolidated into a single GY page with photos added.

March 20 2018
I have consolidated the separate HD pages into one big HD page with many photos added. Photos added to the WS page, now have photos of all 6 WS shower cars. Several photos added to the W car page.

March 15 2018
Added 6 VR publicity dept. brochures, fascinating reading to the History page. Combined the FQX and FQF pages and added many photos and a new diagram.

March 7 2018
New photos added to the: QB, I/IA, WT, WW and Harcourt pages.

March 3 2018
I have put up all of the Plan & Sections drawings I have, they are on the Grades Book page, new photos on the Royal Park, and A2, pages. Two VR advertising maps in the Map page.

Feb. 28 2018
I have been putting quite a lot of stuff up lately but have neglected to post them here. First of all I have added 4 pdf's of very interesting infrastructure drawings on the infrastructure page, the new ones have ***NEW*** next to them (many thanks to Colin Rutledge for making these historic documents available) Chris Wurr has scanned the 1888 Westinghouse book of instructions, it is on the Motive Power page. Photos and/or drawings have been added to the S class steam, H class steam, IY, Q QR, QN P NN, DW C van and Sale pages. I have also started putting up the Plan & Section drawings, the first line is Moriac to Wensleydale.


A new book has just been released about the Lal Lal Racecourse line by noted VR historians Mark Cauchi and Michael Guiney. This meticulously researched book contains many never before seen photos and diagrams of this unique line. It can be ordered by downloading the pdf flyer. Highly recommended!

Feb. 1 2018:
1894 map of country non paying lines on the VR map page.

Jan. 31 2018: Uploaded the most recent update to the Interlocking Register that lists every signalbox and the dates that changes were made to the interlocking, thanks to David Langley for making this available. It is a 5MB pdf and is downloadable from the SIGNALLING page.

Jan. 29 2018:
My good mate Ross Jepson has undertaken the mammoth task of scanning the 1928 General Appendix (GA), for those not familiar with the GA it contains a treasure trove of train running and general information on the working of trains, stations etc. It can be found on the signalling page. The first 500 pages have been done and the rest of the book will follow soon.

Jan 28 2018:
The W workmens sleeper page has been completely redone and 18 photos added, (some caption work still to be done on this page). New pics to the JCF page, Some more pass car consists added to consists page (scroll down), pass consists, diagram added to QCX page, New U van diagrams, Letter from Harold Clapp describing the new Spirit of Progress on the passenger car page.

Nov. 1 2017:
A real treat, many thanks to Harry Jackson for saving a months worth of Spencer St SM load & passenger tally sheets that show the consists of every country passenger train arriving and departing Spencer in May 1953. They can be found on the passenger car page as a 49MB pdf download.

Oct. 27 2017:
A 1930 WTT for Broadmeadows-Sandrignaham and Black Rock Tramway and Kew lines added to the Timetables page.

Oct. 25 2017:
Uploaded a 1932 Northern & Midland WTT, a 1930 Gembrook line WTT, both available as pdf downloads from the Timetable page. 3 new photos on the Wodonga page.

Oct. 23 2017:
New photos from David Langley added to the Gordon and Riddells Creek pages.

Oct. 16 2017:
New pics on the MF, Wodonga, Castlemaine, Ararat, X diesel, pages. (Thanks to some great detective work by Russell Chapman the date for the recently uploaded list of private sidings has been narrowed down to between 1920 and 1925)

Oct 13 2017:
New photos from David Langley on the Sale and Bendigo pages.

Double Headed - Bullhead rail on the VR.
I have noticed in various newsgroups that mention is being made that the VR had bullhead rail. This is incorrect. I have never seen any reference to bullhead rail in official VR material and have never seen bullhead rail anywhere in Victoria. The two types of rail were quite different. Double Headed rail, which the VR used, was symmetrical. Bullhead rail was designed to fit into the chair system used by Double Headed rail but it was NOT symmetrical. A good overview of the types of rail used can be found here.

Oct 12 2017:
Uploaded a list of private sidings, there is no date on this list so if anyone can figure out its date I would appreciate it. The list is on the infrastructure page and is a 3MB pdf.

Oct 11 2017:
The Parliament of Victoria's library has uploaded many VR reports including all the annual reports, they can be found here.
New photos added to the C van, Elsternwick, Portland pages.

Sep 25 2017.
The National Library of Australia has scanned an 1884 Rules and Regs book which can be downloaded HERE.

Feb 7 2017:
Lubeck, Bendigo D, Port Melbourne A,

Feb 3 2017:
4 pics of the Woodend signalbox thanks to John Gilbert.

Feb 2 2017:
I have just redone the "recent photos" gallery as a test for a general revamp of all the photo galleries, have a look and let me know what you think. This new design will allow me to add new content much faster than was possible with the old style galleries.

Feb 1 2017:
New photos added to: Korong Vale, L class, Oakleigh.

Jan 31 2017:
Last run of A66 on a Seymour in the recents page.

Jan 30 2017:
I have cleaned up the links page and removed any dead links, if a link to your page has been deleted it is because the link is not working, if you would like to see your page in the links page please provide me with a valid URL.

The following links were removed:

Tom's hobbies and Trainorama,
Railmotor models,
VR products,
blue and gold models,
rail scale models,
bullamakanka models,
proto 87 store,
Signal Record Society (Vic),
RailPix Australia,

Jan 24 2017:
Photos by Stewart Lodington at Hamilton, Balmoral Line.

Dec. 29 2016:
New photos of Lyonville, Sandringham,

Dec. 28 2016:
New photos on the: Sale, Parwan, Diggers Rest, pages.

Dec. 27 2016
Uploaded a 110 MB pdf containing 224 plans of various signalboxes in the signalling page. (for some reason this file isn't downloading properly, I can download it in Safari but must use Acrobat to open it, It is not downloading properly at all in Chrome. I may have to create the pdf again)

Dec. 25 2016
Uploaded a 295 MB pdf containing over 400 bridge diagrams in the infrastructure section. Continuing thanks to Colin Rutledge for making these available.

Dec. 20 2016:
I am starting the process of converting this site from GoLive to Dreamweaver which is a big project and I hope you'll bear with me as it progresses, there may be some bad pages/links created temporarily in the process.

Sep 12: New pics on T diesel, C diesel, Werribee, pages

Sep 1: new pics on Y diesel page and GY page.

June 28 2016:
It is with great sadness that I pass on the news of the death of Frank Kelly. Frank was a giant of the Australian railway modelling fraternity and was a Master Craftsman par excellence at scratchbuilding. Frank also was an enthusiastic supporter of this website and contributed a great deal to it over the years. Amongst his many great achievements, Frank was responsible for the VR diagram books being reprinted in the 1980's and was a pivotal advisor for the Cavalcade of Transport mural. As a member of the Victorian Model Railway Society he always made newcomers feel welcome and freely shared his deep knowledge. Frank passed away peacefully this morning and leaves a hole that will be impossible to fill.

Feb 29 2016, New photos on AX page, RM24 as delivered at Morwell, 1980 VicRail signal catalog. pdf of collection of standard building drawings on infrastructure page. pdf of collection of signal/bridges on signalling page. Kyneton box diagram, Glenorchy signal box plan. 1912 plan of Hamilton signal box. Various infrastructre plans Melb-Bendigo 29MB download on Melb-Bendigo grades book page.

Feb 24: photos added to S wagon page,

John Dare recently released a fantastic book on the VR, great quality photography and lots of historical info, a must have for the VR fan, it can be ordered from the ARHS Vic division