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Dec. 11 2019
New photos added to the Geelong,Sunshine,Castlemaine pages.

Nov. 20 2019
Melbourne to Bendigo Plan & Sections added to grades home, (107MB pdf)

March 30 2019:
Huge thank you to John McPhee who has scanned a multitude of VR publications which I've started putting up throughout the site on the following pages:

Motive power page:
1977 Diesel loco operating instructions
1943 Rolling Stock Branch book of instructions

Signalling page:
1967 Book of Signals,
1979 General Appendix

Timetable page:
1974 suburban WTT
1974 West/So West WTT

B class page:
B class operating manual

New photos on AX, Broadmeadows line, Casterton pages.

Also some new H220 photos on the Wodonga and H class pages.

FEB. 1 2019:
David Langley has scanned some VR instruction manuals, included are Telegraph code books, Searchlight and point motor instruction manuals, Gangers trolley manual, found on the Signalling page.
Photo added to QAB page.

DEC. 17 2018:
Dimboola-Sth Australian border, Elmore-Cohuna, Yea-Mansfield & Alexandra branch plan and sections added to Grades Book page(denoted by ***)

Nov. 28 2018:
Branxholme-Casterton, Hawthorn-Lilydale,
Tallarook-Yea, plan and sections added to Grades Book page. (denoted by ***)

Nov. 15 2018:
Diagram of CK "coal dust" wagon added to J wagon page. Photo of as built CJ wagon added to CJ page. Photos of KC wagons loaded with "Whitelaw-Monier" cement containers. QW page updated with new photo and diagram

Oct. 29 2018:
Part 2 of the 1928 General Appendix has been added to the signalling page. (40MB pdf) Thanks again to Ross Jepson for scanning this massive book!

Oct. 20 2018:
Plans added to the Plan & Section series:
Melbourne-Collingwood, Hawthorn-Canterbury, Hawthorn-East Camberwell re-grade.

Oct. 13 2018:
Plans added to the Plan & Section series: Lilydale-Healesville, Flinders St-Port Melbourne, Royal Park-Clifton Hill & Fitzroy branch.

Oct. 12 2018:
Plans added to the Plan & Section series: Alphington-Heidleberg, Crowland-Navarre, Geelong-Ballaarat, Lilydale-Warburton, Melbourne-Pt Melbourne, Morwell-Mirboo.

Oct. 10 2018:
Added a search function to the homepage, (bottom of the link list). Added 4 new signal diagrams (denoted by ***). Started consolidating the photo gallery, Broadmeadows and Upfield lines are the first.

Sep. 23 2018:
New photos added to Tank wagons (denoted by ***), JCF, T vans, QB and C diesel pages. ELX page has been consolidated into one page and pics added.

Sep. 18 2018: Two new plans and section added (denoted by ***) in the grade book page. Photo added to Q wagon page. I have added a "odds & ends" page to the signalling section, it is a place for signalling/safeworking photos that don't fit anywhere else.

Aug. 30 2018: Nine advertising/PR brochures added to the Timeline page.New photos added to: QH, JX, SCX, U pages.

Aug. 23 2018: New photos added to FQX, FJ and CJ pages.

Aug. 20 2018: Seven photos added to the Castlemaine page, M class diesel loco page added. New 1902 gradient diagram added to Bendigo line page.

Aug. 16 2018: The Victorian Parliament has scanned the VR annual reports, I have downloaded them, they can be found on the Timeline page as the last entry for each year. For some reason the 1902 report is missing and reports earlier than 1882 are mainly missing, hours of interesting reading!

Aug. 10 2018: New plans of Bairnsdale Wharf line, new pics on Seymour, ZMF, VF, KS pages and a new introduction, written by Sean Kelly on the DERM page.

July 19 2018: New pics on SBX page, T van, S wagons, TW3, TW 4, TW 16, pages.

July 17 2018: Diagram of HH breakdown van added. Photos added to B class diesel page, S class diesel page, Wodonga page, Harcourt station page. TW19 page.

July 15 2018: New photos added 280 Walker, Q wagons, OT (4 wheel Oil Tanks) pages.

July 14 2018: The site redesign is designed for 1280 pixel wide screens. I am working on getting this page (and subsequent redesigned pages) to display properly on tablet and smart phone screens.

July 10 2018: 3 diagrams of Diggers Rest showing the new station buildings/layout and water supply.

July 8 2018: Welcome to the new look website! I decided that after nearly 20 years it was time for a bit of a fresh look. I will be going through the entire site and redesigning all of the pages for a more consistent look. The slideshow will be changed from time to time and will include images that I haven't found a home for yet.