1938 Directory of Stations (courtesy David Langley)  

***NEW***1950 Directory of Stations (courtesy Ross Jepsom) ***NEW***

1966 Directory of Stations (courtesy Warren Doubleday)

1964 Faciities map

PDF of 132 drawings of loco facilites infrastructure

1855 projected lines map

1880 system map

1948 List of Turntables

List of rail weights on early lines

pdf of collection of standard building drawings

294 MB pdf containing 409 bridge diagrams

List of Private Sidings 1922

Miscellaneous plans (147.8 MB .pdf)

Way & Works standard plans (66 MB .pdf)

Point Lever plans (16 MB .pdf)

Plans of G.E.B. Williamstown and Geelong type grain silos

  Nowa Nowa Ballarat area
Refreshment rooms Ampol & Guncotton siding
Light & Power Ballarat East (sewerage)
Ballarat station area (sewerage)
Stock Yards Burrumbeet Park railway
Burrumbeet station
Eureka station (drainage)
Linton Jct
Marnoo (drainage)
Pittong (drainage)
Redan (drainage)
Skipton station
Ballarat station building 01
Ballarat station building 02
Ballarat station building 03
Ballarat station building 04
Ballarat station building footbridge
Yea Koo Wee Rup LANCEFIELD area
Site plan & drainage
Light & power
Refreshment room
Glenburn Rd xing
Details of drainage work
Pole line diagram
Drainage 1
Track distances

Lancefield - Woodend trial survey
Lancefield Road goods shed
Lancefield Road living quarters
Lancefield Road station building
Romsey drainage & site plan

Proposed Branxholme and Belfast line PORT FAIRY BUNINYONG line
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3

Water supply
Light and Power
Wharf line

Victoria street footbridge 1
Victoria street footbridge 2
Victoria street footbridge 3
Victoria street footbridge 4
Victoria street footbridge 5
Victoria street roadbridge
Eureka siding
York stopping place
Victoria street ironwork 1
Victoria street ironwork 2
Woomelang Ballarat signalbox plans Carrum Sand Tramway
Station area, DR's Ballarat A box
Ballarat East 01
Ballarat East 02
Carrum Sand Tramway
Cranbourne Bendigo line viaducts Northcote
Drainage plan (also shows sand siding) Barkers Creek
Taradale as built
Taradale, 1933 strengthening
Brickworks siding

2 to 3 ton derrick
5 ton jib
7 1/2 to 10 ton jib
4 ton fixed gantry
5 ton post
8 ton derrick
1 to 2 ton pillar type jib
4 to 6 ton derrick
10 ton derrick
1 1/2 to 2 ton jib
2 1/2 ton jib
3 ton jib
3 to 5 ton jib
3 to 5 ton "Brittania" type jib
3 to 5 ton "Bridgewater" type jib
title page
pdf showing locations and crane types

Daylesford station buildings
Daylesford proposed alteration 1925
Daylesford station building proposal 1967
Daylesford water supply to stockyards
Daylesford water supply to station yard
Daylesford additional sanitary accomodation 1922
Daylesford yard, light & power diagram
Daylesford, proposed rearrangement of station buildings 1973
Daylesford connection to septic tank
Daylesford East st bridge 1
Daylesford East st bridge 2
Daylesford East st bridge 3
Trentham proposed alteration to station building
Trentham, bridge near station
Fern Hill
Fern Hill drainage
Fern Hill proposed crossover
Bridge over Coliban river near Fern Hill
Bridge near Tylden
Bridge near Carlshrue
Newlyn extension of booking office 1913
North Creswick drainage 1913
Wombat, drainage
Leonard, reconstruction of bridge (not done)

Kyneton goods shed 01
Kyneton goods shed 02
Kyneton station buildings 01
Kyneton station buildings 02
Kyneton footbridge
Kyneton drainage
   Sandhurst locomotive depot
Eaglehawk station area
50' details of castings
50' girders
53' ball bearing centre girder detail
53' rocker type foundation
53' throwover pawl detail
70' articulated abutments
70' 1906 type
70' ball bearing centre
70' general arrangement
70' resleepering
70' girders
70' general arrangement foundations
turntable abutment levels
turntable lock for 53' and 70'
Tallangatta 01
Tallangatta 02

BELOW: I hope this is of interest to modellers as it shows a freshly painted Departmental Residence, DR, at Dimboola in 1977 and clearly shows the paint application. I have colour balanced this photo as well as I can using the galvanised water tank as a "neutral."This was the classic DR colour scheme that needs to be represented on every VR layout! I will move this to a "structure page" when one is created. Photo courtesy Andrew Hennell.


10,000 GALLON COMBINED TANK & C class spout

GOODS SHED 30 x 20


F 008b.Goods Platform
F 010c 80 & 100lb track
F 183 Telephone Cabinet
F 201a Mallee Shed
F 202 Shallow Deck Bridge
F 203 Concrete base for footbridge
F 204 Earth Ramp
F 205a Steel Sleepers
F 206 Coal Bin For Signalboxes
F 207 Workshop Lockers
F 209 Equipment for unloading welded rail
F 210 Portable Toilets for railway camps
F 235 Bolts, Heel & Chair
F 236 Pins & Screws
F 237 Fishbolts Junction, stock sizes

F 238 Bolts, insulated joint

F 239b Buffer stop

F 240 Flood discharge chart

F 241a Safety Bracket

F 242 Coal Bins

F 243b Buffer stop

F 244 sheet 1 rail slab deck bridge
F 244 sheet 2 rail slab deck bridge

F 245 fencing for leased land

F 246 Rail slab deck bridge

F 247 60lb track (showing sleeper spacing)

F 248 90 & 110lb track

F 249 survey pegs

F 250 rail slab deck culvert

F 257 rail deck bridge
F 259 Lamp room & fittings

F 260 Point stops

F 261 Timber bridge (junction of spans)

F 262 Timber bridge (superstructure 11' openings)

F 263 Timber bridge (superstructure 20' openings)

F 264 Timber bridge (superstructure 15' openings)

F 265 Concrete pipe culvert

F 266a Bridge, safety bracket

F 267a V nosed points

F 268 Timber bridge (substructure 2 pile piers)
F269 Timber bridge (substructure 2 pile piers, narrow gauge)

F 270 Timber bridge (substructure 4 pile piers)

F271 Timber bridge (substructure 4 pile piers, narrow gauge)

F 272 Timber bridge (treatment for sinking piles)

F 273 Timber bridge (splices for butted piles)
F 274 Planted bridge pile

F 275 Concrete abutments
F 276 Tank stand base

F 277 Bridge kerbs

F 278 Concrete abutments 20' openings

F 279 Concrete abutments 15' openings

F 280 Bridge curb renewal

F 281 Bridge superstructure 20' openings

F 282 Bridge superstructure 15' openings

F 283a Standard 25' gate

F 284 Ironwork for gates

F 285a Ironwork for gates

F 286 Portable gang shelter

F 287 Suburban station booking counter

F 289 Bedplates for I beam bridges

F 290 Timber footbridge details

F 291b Mould for concrete tests

F 292b Pile driving plant

F 293a Bridge markings

F 294a Standard 26' gate

F 295a Standard 18' 6" gate

F 296a Standard 22' 6" gate

F 297a Standard 15' gate
F 298 Concrete bridge abutments

F 300 pile driving instructions

F 301 shunters gangway

F 302b 80, 90, 94 lb rail brace

F 303b 110lb rail brace

F 304a 60lb rail brace

F 305a Headlocks

F 306 30' RSJ bridge

F 307a I beam bridge

F 308a Fire beater

F 309 Instructions for concrete work

F 310a Spring V crossings

F 311 Superstructure for timber bridges

F 312a Woodshed for departmental residence

F 313b List of fastenings

F 314b List of fastenings

F 315a Water meters

F 316 Double & single compounds 600'

F 317 Double & single compounds 800'

F 318 Double & single compounds 1000
F 319 Turnout & crossovers 600'

F 320 Turnout & crossovers 800'

F 321 Turnout & crossovers 1000'

F 323a Cattle pit with wooden grids
F 324d
Metal occupation gates
F 325 35ft pile driver
F 326 Lamp box
F 327b spring for resilient point suspension
F 328 Rail turning bar
F 330a Dropper fencing

F 331 Insulated Joint

F 332 Level crossing sign

F 333 Outside toilet (sewered)

F 334a Outside toilet (unsewered)

F 335b Dagger type ticket cabinet

F 337b 12' x 10' van goods shed

F 338b 15' x 12' van goods shed

F 339 Pass platform facing

F 342 Pig discharging race

F 342a Stock ramp

F 343a Bridge cutter

F 344 Ticket storage cupboards

F 345d 600 gallon tank

F 346c Per way tool shed

F 346d Gangers shed
F 347 Inspection chamber

F 348 11' Bridge spans deck

F 349 7' Bridge spans deck

F 350 Wall ventilator

F 351b Chain wire fence and gates

F 352a Guard rails

F 353d Goods platform facing
F 353e Goods platform facing

F 354 Camp showers

F 355 Sleeper plates

F 356 Weighbridge cabin

F 357a Bicycle rack

F 358a Deck clip for RSJ bridges

F 359 Stoneware urinals

F 360b Sleeper plates for insulated joints

F 361b Lug plates

F 362 Lug plates

F 363 Road transport ramp for livestock

F 363c Heavy type stock ramp

F 364a Check rail gauge plates

F 365b Termite control, methods of construction

F 366a Sleeper plates

F 367a Bridge superstructure

F 368 Cahin wire front fence for DRs

F 369 Gangers tool shed prize board

F 370d 600 gallon tank and stand
F 370e 600 gallon tank and stand
F 371a Cattle race
F 372 Sheep fencing, gates and drafting facilities
F 373 Superstructure for RSJ bridges
F 374a Sleeper plates, flat
F 376a Cast iron chairs for double and single compounds
F 377a Cast iron chairs for double and single compounds
F 380a Superstructure for concrete pier bridge
F 381a Sleeper plates
F 382a Ironwork list for turnouts/compounds
F 383 Typists table
F 384 Type 3 office table
F 385b Type 4 office table
F 386 Accounting table
F 387 Dictograph table
F 388b Cupboards
F 389 Pedestal table
F 390 Pedestal table
F 391 Correspondence trays, draftsman's footstool/cupboard
F 392a Bookcase
F 393 Wooden chair
F 394b Wash stands
F 395a Plan press
F 396b 47 & 53kg turnout & crossover
F 397b 47 & 53kg turnout & crossover
F 398b 47 & 53kg turnout & crossover
F 399a V nose points
F 400a #8.7 Compound points
F 401b Ladder turnouts
F402a Ladder turnouts
F 403a Ladder turnouts
F 404b Fishbolts
F405a Guard rail bolts
F 406a Junction symmetrical contraflexure
F 407a Junction symmetrical contraflexure
F 408 Turnouts for double track weighbridges
F 409a Track construction for paved areas
F 410 Skeleton type bridge with RSJ's superstructure
F 411 Skeleton type bridge with RSJ's substructure
F 412b 10 x 8 portable hut
F 413 20' span skeleton type bridge with concrete piers & abutments
F 414 Shallow deck bridge with concrete slabs on RSJ's
F 416 Portable frame for sheltering workmen
F 417 Skeleton bridge superstructure
F 418 22' ope bridge with concrete piers superstructure
F 419 Detail of pits for track drainage
F 420 Brick & concrete invert
F 421 Details of inverts
F 422 Details of brick pits
F 423 Mild steel grating and cast iron frames
F 424 5" precast concrete invert
F 425 Mild steel grating for 3' x 2' pit
F 426a Shallow deck bridge superstructure

F 427 pre-cast slabs for RSJ bridge

F 428 Shallow deck bridge, substructure

F 429 Rail deck culverts

F 430 Pre-cast concrete invert

F 431 Band clips for split piles

F 432 grating for 1' 6" x 1' 6" pit

F 433 grating for 2' x 2' pit

F 434 Cowl ventilators

F 435 Single EC and urinal builing

F 440 #5 turnouts 94lb

F 441 Rail joint assemblies at point lockbars

F 442a Ash dump facilities

F 443a Catch point derail

F 444 Trigonometrical function of crossing & blade angles

F 445 Constants for trackwork calculations

F 446 Foam making branch pipe box

F 447 Tables and forms for mess rooms

F 448 Clothes locker 20" x 14"

F 449 Timber baulk

F 449b Timber baulk

F 449c Timber baulk

F 450a Cattle pit for main speed lines

F 451 Schedule of quantities turnouts

F 452 Fender for standard fireplace

F 453 Portable WI fireplace and chimney

F 454a Tie plate arrangements

F 455a Sleeper plates for insulated joints

F 456 Point levers, installation arrangements

F 457 Resilient suspension for points

F 458 Derail turnout

F 462a V. Y. Points

F 463a Compound points

F 464 Closures trackwork layouts

F 465 P.A. Point lever

F 466a Ash pit - type D

F 469 Fixing water meter connections

F 470 Ashpit type C

F 473 Rail joint adjuster

F 474c Arrangement of dog spikes with sleeper plates

F 475 Lug plate for check rails

F 477 Track gauge

F 478 Combined level and track gauge

F 481 Footbridge details, concrete step and footing

F 482 Parcels rack

F 483 Shallow deck bridge superstructure

F 484a Surface grid

F 485 Parcels counter and screen

F 486 Notice Board "pedestrians only cycling prohibited"

F 487 RSJ bridges substructure

F 489 Flywire door and window screen

F 490a Schedule of quantities for cattle pits

F 491 Method of erecting 8' x 6' tent and fly with floor

F 492 Train register book desk

F 493a Concrete culverts details of end walls

F 494 Mountings for types D & E country station name plates

F 495 Enamelled station nameplates for country lines

F 496 RSJ bridges substructure

F 497 I beam bridge with RC deck superstructure

F 498 Platform facing, brick wall and concrete coping

F 499 Gangers stool

F 500 30' span bridge with concrete deck & piers superstructure

F 501 Stop board for sidings
F 502 22' span bridge with concrete deck superstructure
F 503 STOP board for banking engines
F 504 Safety bracket for RSJ bridge with timber deck
F 506 Superstructure details 20' span bridge with concrete piers

F 507 Fastenings for VY points
F 508 parts for insulated turnouts
F 509 parts for welded turnouts

F 510 parts for insulated turnouts

F 511 parts for welded turnouts

F 512 parts for junctions

F 513 Point levers

F 514a Staff exchange platform

F 515 Superstructure I beam bridge with concrete deck and piers

F 516 Single ladders

F 517 Deck clip for footbridges

F 519 Rail expansion keys & gauges

F 520 Bolt hole centre scribing gauges

F 521 Welded track, prepared closures temporary use only

F 522 Approach section indicator boards

F 523 Rail anchoring arrangement for 90' welded rails

F 524 Rail anchoring arrangement for rail lengths over 90' welded rails

F 525 Fencing for PCR (open) crossing

F 526c Level crossing sign type B

F 527c Level crossing sign (with stop sign) type D

F 529 Temporary supports for track

F 530 Granite screenings bin

F 531 Widening of cuttings

F 532a Portable road sign for burning off operations

F 533 Nth East SG open deck bridge 23' & 22' 6" span
F 534 Nth East SG open deck bridge 33' & 33' 6" span

F 535a Whistle post

F 535b Whistle post

F 536 Nth East SG bridge

F 537 Guard rails for skeleton deck bridge

F 538 Nth East SG open deck bridge 42' span

F 539c 1000 gallon tank and stand (squat type)

F 540a Details for use of old rails as fence posts

F 541a Types of fencing using old rail posts for guard rails

F 542a Cattle grid

F 543a Departmental Residences old rail post clothes line

F 544 Check rail brace plates

F 545 Check rail sleeper plates

F 546 Steel sleepers fastening assembly

F 547 Pile shoe

F 547a Pile shoe

F 548 Details of amenities building for staff camps

F 549 Foundation details of amenities buildings for staff camps

F 550 Wing fencing at interlocked gates

F 551 Method of lifting RSD bridges

F 552a Ordering list for spreaders

F 553 Staff living accommodation
F 553a Staff living accommodation

F 556 Warning and caution boards

F 557 Chain wire fencing

F 558 Level crossing flangeway timbers

F 559 Ladder turnouts

F 561 Staff living accommodation

F 562 Crib walls

F 563 Septic toilet buildings

F 565 Small ticket collection box

F 566b Details of pasenger platform facing with signal trunking

F 566c Details of pasenger platform facing with signal trunking

F 567a Mountings for type A suburban station name plates

F 568 Station name plates for suburban area

F 569 Car park and boundary fencing and gates

F 570 Sanitary facilities for cyclic maintenance camps

F 572 Gang tool sheds prize boards

F 573a Permanent way tool shed and amenities room

F 574 Platform facing for goods platform

F 577b Typical arrangement for open level crossings
F 578 Sleeper plates for insulated joints
F 580 No Standing parking signs
F 581 No standing parking signs
F 583 Car park sign
F 584 No Standing parking signs
F 585 No Standing parking signs
F 587 Level Crossing sign
F 588 Sanitary facilities for cyclic gangs
F 589 Sleeper plates, insulated joints
F 591 Timbering for 47 kg turnout
F 592 Authorised employee vehicle parking sign
F 593 No Entry parking signs
F 594a SG Double & Single compound.
F 595 Hanging indicator boards
F 598 Track/ballast formation
F 599 Trackwork in concrete paved area
F 600d Concrete paving units
F 601 Glued insulated joints
F 602 Tubular fencing for boom enclosures and crib crossings
F 603 Use of concrete fence posts
F 604 kilometre sign installation
F 605 Curve board installation
F 606b Warning & Caution speed restriction signs
F 607a Special speed restriction signs
F 608 HAnging platform indicator board & box
F 609b Level crossing signs
F 615d Concrete paving units, 60kg rail
F 616 Standard crib crossing arrangement
F 617 Level crossing, typical construction details
F 1891 Postal wires crossing railway wires
F 2220 Telephone cabinet, outdoor type
Style S signals, signal mast fittings