FQF container/flat wagon

FQF 509 loaded with MC cattle containers at Dandenong, 1978

Number in Class 100
Number group 501 - 600 & 637
Construction period 1968 - 1978
In service 1977 - 1980
1979 recode VQCY
Where built Newport, Bendigo W.S.
Modeling S.E.M. makes a supurb HO model kit # R13
From late 1977 100 FQX's were re-coded to FQF, this was part of a plan to reduce the number of vehicles in the interstate bogie exchange pool, the re-code took them out of the bogie exchange pool and kept them in Victoria for VR's own intrastate traffic. At this time some of VR's container traffic was Rice from the Echuca area, canned goods from Shepparton and, as seen in the photo above, stock carried in MC class containers. Around this time VR were converting KMQ's as well which illustrates how short they were of container wagons.

FQF 521, at Ballarat. Photo date 1978

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