SFX/F bulkhead flat wagons

Number in Class 120
Number group 1 - 120
Construction period 1965 - 1970
In service 1965 - 1980
1979 recode VFLX
Where built 1 - 60 NP

61 - 120 BA

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A very versatile wagon, they were used in all sorts of traffic as well they could be pushed into container service. SFX 100 was heavily modified as a test for what became the VFNX class.
In 1977 numbers 105, 106, 108, 79, 80, 81, 96, 114, and 119 were recoded to SFF and numbered 1 - 9 respectively for dedicated intrastate container traffic.

SFX 13 loaded with combine harvesters, Tottenham yard, July 1979.
photo courtesy Rob O'Regan

SFX 18 at West Footscray 1978. (Note the full length lashing rail) not found on later SFX's

Unknown SFX at Bendigo loaded with derailed VHWA's, 1980

SFX 47 at West Footscray. March 1978.

Unknown SFX at Nth Melb workshops which may give you a modelling idea. 1978.

SFX 86 at Nth Geelong, 1978
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

In 1977, SFX 100 was heavily modified as a test for the VFNX class
Photo courtesy Geoff Winkler

The article below is from the December 1965 VR Newsletter

Photo below is from the June 1974 VR Newsletter
Caption reads: "HEAVY MOTOR TYRES go by rail - a consignment of 2.9 metre diameter tyres after loading at the Trans-Ocean Terminal, Melbourne. The tyres, which are 0.76 metres wide, are bound for Kewdale, Western Australia, after being shipped to Melbourne.

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