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On April 3, 1888, a contract was let for the erection of a signalbox on the down side of the Sebastapol Road Level Crossing.
Redesdale Junction was opened for passenger traffic on September 7, 1889, with new Station Buildings and sidings. On November 1 of the same year, the station was open for Goods traffic.
The branch line to Redesdale was opened for traffic on January 15, 1891.
On September 9, 1954, the Signal Frame was abolished and the Redesdale line was closed shortly after, on September 26.
On November 16, 1954, the Station was closed to all traffic. The Double line block instruments, all signal arms and discs were removed. All Points were spiked in the normal position, as were the signal levers.
(Information gleaned from Andrew Waugh's 'Victorian Station Histories')

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